Jo-Ann believes that local voices matter.  

Government should support the well being and growth of all those it represents – both residents and businesses – especially the most vulnerable.   This can’t happen if elected representatives aren’t meeting with, and listening to, those they represent.

Many of the challenges facing individuals, neighbourhoods and businesses, require the City, Queen’s Park and Ottawa to work together.  Constituents expect this to happen – but public, transparent and accountable mechanisms don’t exist to bring elected official together with those they serve.  As Jo-Ann has experienced first hand as a local trustee – working together for communities many times means reinventing the wheel.  Only by talking with different voices in the community can government create policies and programs that respond to real economic and social needs, close opportunity gaps for young and old, and support sustainable growth.

Jo-Ann brings 3 pillars of focus and active experience with her candidacy:

  • Community Action & Global Engagement
  • Corporate Leadership & Responsible Public Finances
  • Caring for Society’s Most Vulnerable & the Environment

Jo-Ann has shown through her elected role, professional senior corporate experience, years of volunteer work and community action and partnerships, that she has the –

  • Experience to advocate for local needs and achieve meaningful change.
  • Integrity to be a trusted collaborator and bridge-builder.
  • Dedication to help make Ontario a welcoming place of opportunity for all.
  • Compassion reflecting our community’s values.

To find out more about Jo-Ann, please go to About Jo-Ann

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