“I cannot think of a more qualified candidate to step forward and represent the provincial riding of University–Rosedale. Jo-Ann’s work as a school trustee and excellent leadership on education and social justice issues speaks for itself. Her capacity to serve families while managing complex budgets and political dynamics has prepared her well to make even more significant contributions at Queen’s Park.

I have seen Jo-Ann’s work first hand. Her approach to getting a new school built downtown was collaboration and advocacy at its finest. On the difficult issue of school closures and reassignments of families to new school communities, she has proven to be proactive and sensitive to neighbourhood interests and the needs of individual families.  Jo-Ann was definitely first in the class when it came to serving the community! I’ve also campaigned with Jo-Ann and saw first-hand how well she listened to the concerns of constituents at the door.”

–  Adam Vaughan, MP Spadina – Fort York

“Jo-Ann is a strong grassroots candidate with a public record of respected, accountable and progressive leadership as a Trustee, and former Chair of the TCDSB. Balancing an elected position with a management consulting career and volunteer leadership roles, including the Toronto chapter of the Canadian International Council, Jo-Ann has what it takes to be an excellent MPP for University-Rosedale.”

 – The Hon. Bill Graham, former MP for Toronto Centre—Rosedale

“Jo-Ann has been a strong representative and community partner through her work as school trustee to advocate for students and families in Toronto Centre. I am confident that she will bring that same commitment and energy to Queen’s Park as the MPP for University-Rosedale.”

– The Hon. Glen Murray, former MPP Toronto Centre

“I’ve known Jo-Ann for many years – she’s smart, compassionate, a tireless community advocate, and a woman with senior corporate experience. She will do an amazing job of representing University-Rosedale at Queen’s Park.”

-Julie Dzerowicz, Member of Parliament, Davenport

“Jo-Ann Davis has an outstanding record of achievement who knows her city and her nation exceptionally well.  Articulate, always well-prepared, and knowledgeable, Jo-Ann Davis will be an excellent MPP and a superb representative of her constituents.”

-John English, former MP, and Director, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, Trinity College at the University of Toronto

“Jo-Ann is a kind, accessible, and authentic representative. She takes the time to listen, and fights for those she serves. Jo-Ann understands that neighbourhoods matter. She will do a great job representing University-Rosdale – both local residents and businesses – at Queen’s Park.”
-Rocco Mastrangelo Jr, Co-Owner of Cafe Diplomatico (Little Italy)
“I am pleased to endorse Jo-Ann for the Provincial Liberal Nomination in University-Rosedale and ultimately to represent the riding as our MPP.  I have had the privilege of knowing Jo-Ann for almost twenty years.  As someone with deep understanding of the issues facing the riding I know she will bring a pragmatic and compassionate approach to the issues we all face and I am very confident that she will be an excellent MPP.”
-David Pyper, Managing Partner,  Blair Franklin Capital

“Jo-Ann is a proven elected representative for University-Rosedale with strong community and political relationships. She brings years of strategic corporate change experience, as well as global experience – in both London and Hong Kong. University-Rosedale will be very well served by Jo-Ann at Queen’s Park.”

“Jo-Ann 是University -Rosedale选区公认的杰出社区代表,在社区和政界都有着紧密的联系。热忱、出色的她一直为社区贡献着自己多年的战略企管经验。在伦敦和香港都生活过的Jo-Ann,也具备着别人所没有的国际化的视野。我们相信她的全身心投入,将会为这个选区作出很宝贵的贡献。”

– Patrick Xu, Executive Vice President of Education Union Association of Sino-Can Sichuan Business Council

“Jo-Ann Davis has a history of landmark achievements as a TCDSB trustee and is someone who I can say is a person with good moral qualities. As our times demand greater results with minimal resources, Jo Ann has been able to do that with the hearts and concerns of the children always in mind.  With Jo-Ann as MPP, we will be gaining a fighter for the University-Rosedale community, and a great person who I call an ally.”

-Philippe Jargaille, Parent Council Chair, St Raymond Catholic School

“Jo-Ann is a tireless community leader with a professional background that positions her to make informed and effective policy decisions. She is compassionate, intelligent, and has a strong track record of working to improve the lives of society’s most marginalized. Jo-Ann’s work as Trustee has evidenced that my interests as a student are among her priorities. Residents of University-Rosedale would be lucky to have such a qualified representative at Queen’s Park.”

-Madeleine Ross, University of Toronto Young Liberals President, 2016 – 2017

“Throughout my work with Ms. Davis within the boardroom of the TCDSB, she has demonstrated an inspiring level of humility, altruism, a global view of issues and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of students. It is my sincere opinion that Jo-Ann Davis represents the best of Toronto. I trust that Ms. Davis is a most deserving candidate and will contribute in many ways to the province and will continue to wholeheartedly devote herself to her constituents.”

-Karina Dubrovskaya, TCDSB Student Trustee 2015 to 2017, Harvard Class of 2021

“Having known Jo-Ann since she was a student at UofT, I supported her as Trustee in 2010. She is a highly accessible and collaborative advocate for our community.  She is also a thoughtful and respected voice in government. Jo-Ann Davis is the right person to represent us at Queen’s Park.”

-John Duffy, Principal at StrategyCorp, author of “Fights of Our Lives: Elections, Leadership and the Making of Canada”

“Jo-Ann Davis has accomplished many things as our trustee, getting results with the little resources that our small community has had. She shows great leadership and her character shines through.  She consults with those she represents and takes into account the needs of the children. My family and I believe that Ms Davis would make a great representative at Queen’s Park.”

-Carol Auquilla, Parent Council Treasurer, St. Raymond Catholic School

“She has been and continues to be a strong, committed voice for young people, and will fight for what matters to them. Jo-Ann has my full support!”

– Darian Baskatawang, Independent First Nations, Advocate for Youth

“I have known Jo-Ann both personally and professionally for more than 20 years. In both spheres, in all this time, she has always been an advocate for fairness and a natural leader.  She knows how to listen, she is ruled by reason and she has values I admire. I fully support Jo-Ann to represent University-Rosedale at Queen’s Park.”

-Colin Furness, University of Toronto Faculty

“I heartily endorse Jo-Ann Davis, nominee for provincial Liberal candidate for University- Rosedale.  In her capacity as school trustee I have reached out to her many times to advocate on behalf of our students and have always found her to be receptive and forthright.  In reviewing her record of public service, it is obvious that Ms. Davis welcomes the opportunities to tackle difficult issues. I have seen her bring together all stakeholders with different points of views and concerns. As an effective mediator she has drawn on this input to develop new, creative solutions. I have no doubt that Jo-Ann’s empathetic, considered and collaborative approach will serve the community well. Ms. Davis will be a strong voice for University-Rosedale.”

-Mandy Gyulay, 15+yrs parent volunteer

“Jo-Ann Davis has been an inspiring and leading school trustee – attentive and proactive when responding to the needs of the community. No doubt that she will place the concerns and hopes of every University-Rosedale resident on the radar at Queen’s Park.”

-David Cavaco, former Toronto VP, Ontario Liberal Party, and parent volunteer

“As a high school student council president, your single greatest hope is to accomplish great things for your school community. I was incredibly lucky to have very supportive staff and community members who truly cared about St. Joseph’s College School (SJCS). Jo-Ann Davis was one of them. Jo-Ann served as our trustee with commitment and pride. As a graduate of St. Joseph’s College School herself, Jo-Ann truly carried out her trustee responsibilities wholeheartedly. She was at every school event, and she was only ever an email away. Jo-Ann truly embodies a champion of community: she believes in the common good of all people, and works tirelessly to achieve that. It was a pleasure to work with Jo-Ann. She is a refreshing example of someone who truly cares about community. Jo-Ann will serve University-Rosedale with the same commitment and pride at Queen’s Park.”
– Olivia Rossetti, St. Joseph’s College School Alumnus 2013, Ryerson University 2018